Best work

This is my best work and my favourite.My favourite colour is blue but I used perple.I like headphones so I am wearing get them.

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6 thoughts on “Best work

  1. Hey Nikolina,
    You SuperMii is amazing good job.
    How long did it take you to make it.
    I think it’s cool and we both have a thing in common we both like purple and blue.
    From Sarah.R

  2. Hi Nikolina,
    Your super me is really cute. Is this the only one you’ve made, or have you made more? I love super me. It is so cool.
    From Ella G.

  3. Hi Nikolina,
    I like your super mii. It looks a lot like you.
    I have lots of favourite super mii’s.
    Is this your favourite super mii or do you have other favourites?

    From En Zie

  4. Dear Nikolina,
    I think ur super mii advata was great. I want to learn how to make those cool super mii advatares. On a rating from 1-10 I would rate ur super mii a 10-10! Great work!

    From Boldie

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