Great Job by 4FJ for the Oatlympics

Congratulations to all the boys and girls in Grade 4FJ on the wonderful job they did in dressing up for the Oatlympics event at our school on Friday 5th August. Our Grade chose to represent New Zealand and we looked fantastic in our black, white, grey and silver clothes, hair, makeup and accessories to represent our chosen country. Our Flag Bearer, James Bracey did our grade proud as did our two Banner Bearers, En Zie Lim and Ariana Choudhury. Hope you had a terrific day kids during the parade of nations as well as the sporting activities after. A huge thankyou to Mrs Gamble for organising the day, a monumental amount of organisation!!!
From, Miss Jamieson

Athletics day

On Wednesday I went to the athletics carnival.i competed in shot-put discus and hurdles. I came 1st in shot-put 2nd in discus and a well done in hurdles. It was a really  cool that I made it in the shot-put team.


On Friday the 5th of August Oatlands Primary School did the Oatlympics.Each grade represented a country my grade did New Zealand.It was lots of fun especially when we went around in a circle to show what we look like.It was so much fun that I want to do it again.