Dinosaur Projects 

Dinosaurs lived 65 Million years ago.… 
Grade 4s did a project based on dinosaurs. There were lots of amazing projects. We had to chose 4 things to do from a few choices. Some people did models, some people did cakes as their models, some people did a sence of the dinosaur time. A few people did a model of a dinosaur. All the projects were awesome!!

4FJS new classroom 

Hi ,this is 4FJs classroom. Our classroom is one of the 4 new classrooms that we have here at Oatlands Primary School. This  year our class heard a pounding sound under the classroom. One corner of our class made a creeping sound and every one was scared . Our teacher Miss Jamieson said to calm down👍

Koby the 4FJ blogger 

Hi I’m Koby and I am the CEO of the 2016 Blogging  Committee in 4FJ. I have 3 other friends that are doing the job with me.They are Jamee , En Zie and Ebaad .They will also be doing it with me.I like electronics and I love playing sport.I don’t like reading but it is something I have to do.

The 4FJ Blog Committee! En Zie

Hi, I am En Zie I am one of 4FJ’s Blog Committee. Here’s a bit about me.I like swimming, basketball, technology and reading. My favourite show is the show called Tom and Jerry. My favourite books are Sea Quest and Beast Quest. My BFF’s are Ghalia and Nikolina. Koby, Ebaad and Jaimee are the other Bloggers. We put things of what 4FJ is currently doing on the blog.

I hope you like our blog!